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Delivering Tailored Contract, Document and Form Management Solutions for Close to 25 Years

Established in 1992, ASC Networks Inc. (ASC) is well known for its flagship ASC Contracts software which provides buy-side and sell-side contract management and contract lifecycle capabilities.

Founded in 1992, ASC Networks Inc. (ASC) is an omni-channel CLM, document management (any document or form type: quotes, orders, legal, corporate), quality management, and analytics provider. Full functionality is available for buy-side, sell-side, and enterprise-wide. In 2016, the company was acquired by mdf commerce, an eCommerce technology provider with a portfolio encompassing automation solutions for sourcing, contracting, procurement, supply chain, and supplier management. As part of the mdf commerce family of companies, ASC utilizes the integrated modules of its sister companies MERX (a prominent Canadian sourcing automation provider) and BidNet/BidNet Direct (a pioneering US sourcing automation provider) to extend its portfolio to encompass full strategic sourcing and enterprise CLM. These partnerships enable ASC to provide extensive sourcing and CLM functionality across a multitude of market verticals with easy scalability for small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses. Specialized solutions are available for public sector, higher education, non-profit organizations, and other industries. The complete integration between ASC and the mdf commerce technology backbone gives ASC’s customers access to a full suite of strategic sourcing and CLM solutions. The suite can also be delivered as individual modules that augment a customer’s existing IT ecosystem. To further amplify the value of the solution portfolio, ASC offers consulting services to improve clients’ sourcing and contract management processes and use of automation technology. The company also offers solutions for unified commerce and specialized eMarketplaces.

All ASC management software comprises automated document creation and a searchable repository or database with built in reporting, compliance and audit trail capability.

Suitable for Any Industry

Well suited for any industry (e.g., communications, financial services, energy and utilities, legal services, healthcare, government and education) and organizations of all sizes and complexities, ASC contract lifecycle management and business process solutions improve customer, vendor and supplier relationship and commitment management; simplify business processes; ensure compliance, reduce contract risks, and increase efficiency.

Core Contract Management Platform Tailored to Your Needs

ASC solutions are based on a proven core contract management platform which is augmented with function and industry specific modules that can be tailored to best optimize customers’ unique contract repository and business process management needs, organizational structure and other requirement parameters while supporting regulatory and entrenching best practice business processes that provide long-term value and fast ROI.

Business Process Optimization Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Unique Business Needs

Subject Matter Experts

Our subject matter experts work closely with customers’ internal teams not only to ensure their contract management system or business process lifecycle solution has the unique features they require but also to advise on best practices and, based on our vast experience, help customers’ evolve and improve their processes at the same time.

On-Demand or On-Premise, But Always On Time

Iterative and agile development standards, including rapidly deployed and intelligent working prototypes as well as flexible rollout options from fully managed, hosted software as a service (SaaS) or cloud deployments to turnkey customer premise solutions mean that, requirements dependent, we can have you up and running -- on your terms -- in no time.

Solutions Trusted and Well Suited for Global Deployments

ASC contract management lifecycle software solutions, and document management, form management and pricing and quoting management lifecycle solutions operate in the language of your choice with robust localization and regionalization capabilities to flexibly address diverse multi-lingual, multi-currency and date/numeric formatting needs -- making them well suited for global deployments. Find out more about our international solution capability.

Ready Solution, Ready Team

We are eager to help you automate, optimize and adopt best practice contract management standards as well, all while headed down a path to such benefits as improved customer/vendor relationship management, simplified business processes, ensured compliance, reduced contract management risks, increased efficiency, improved revenue assurance and reduced procurement costs.

Get ASC Working for You!

Ready to automate and streamline your enterprise contract management and business process management practices? Contact us to find out how.

ASC's enterprise contract management lifecycle software, document management, form management and pricing and quoting solutions help you reduce costs, improve productivity and profitability, and increase business intelligence.

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