ASC Channel Partners and Alliances

Partnering for Business Growth and the Best Possible Customer Support

Augmenting our Industry Expertise and Delivery Reach

Founded in 1992, ASC Networks Inc. (ASC) is an omni-channel CLM, document management (any document or form type: quotes, orders, legal, corporate), quality management, and analytics provider. Full functionality is available for buy-side, sell-side, and enterprise-wide. In 2016, the company was acquired by mdf commerce, an eCommerce technology provider with a portfolio encompassing automation solutions for sourcing, contracting, procurement, supply chain, and supplier management. As part of the mdf commerce Strategic Sourcing sector, ASC utilizes the integrated modules of its sister companies MERX (a prominent Canadian sourcing automation provider) and BidNet/BidNet Direct (a pioneering US sourcing automation provider) to extend its portfolio to encompass full strategic sourcing and enterprise CLM. These partnerships enable ASC to provide extensive sourcing and CLM functionality across a multitude of market verticals with easy scalability for small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses. Specialized solutions are available for public sector, higher education, non-profit organizations, and other industries. The complete integration between ASC and the mdf commerce technology backbone gives ASC’s customers access to a full suite of strategic sourcing and CLM solutions. The suite can also be delivered as individual modules that augment a customer’s existing IT ecosystem. To further amplify the value of the solution portfolio, ASC offers consulting services to improve clients’ sourcing and contract management processes and use of automation technology. The company also offers solutions for unified commerce and specialized eMarketplaces.

In addition to our best-in-class sister companies, we partner with the best businesses in the industry to provide our customers with the most comprehensive enterprise solutions for tailored and flexible automation of contract, document, form, and configure, price and quote (CPQ) lifecycle management (including account opensales configuration and product configuration) as well as order tracking, invoice validation and verification, data retention, records management, etc.

These key partnerships enable our continued growth and extend our ability to offer comprehensive contract management software and business process management solutions. To best support evolving business requirements, we continue to establish new strategic partnerships based on industry evolution and market demand.

“Partnerships are of the utmost importance to ASC, because they augment our industry expertise and broaden the scope of our integration and delivery capabilities.”

- Shawn King, President & CEO, ASC


ASC's alliance program enables us to build relationships with selected industry-leading vendors to complement and extend our technical integration capability. Each alliance is a strategic asset to our company and our customers -- allowing us to flexibly add additional value to our tailored contract, document, form and pricing and quoting management solutions. Through these alliances, ASC and our channel partners can leverage our collective strengths to offer truly integrated customer solutions. 

Recent alliances have focused on augmenting and enhancing our solution and services portfolio as well as building our global presence as a leading provider of best practice contract lifecycle management (CLM) and business process management (BPM) solutions worldwide.

This ASC and iBridge partnership will harness the power and versatility of the ASC solution platform and iBridge’s portfolio of information management and data services to offer both public and private sector organizations unparalleled visibility and control of contractual agreements, information assets and associated data. Customers will benefit from advanced contract lifecycle management (CLM) and information management tools that provide them the superior insights needed to take control of revenue-generating opportunities, reduce costs, and mitigate non-compliance and other corporate risks. Read more about the ASC and iBridge partnership.

“Softtek’s partnership with ASC will not only benefit our mutual customers but will also address the growing need for true end-to-end quality and process driven CLM and BPM solutions in both the public and private sectors.”

- Krishnan Venkat, Managing Director for Procurement Service, Softtek

The ASC and Softtek alliance focuses on delivering a broader range of CLM and BPM solutions and a more in-depth services offering to customers around the world. The partnership will leverage the combined solutions, services and strengths of each company to achieve optimum business performance and value for money for our clients. Read more about the ASC and Softtek partnership.

The ASC and Mind Merchants partnership emphasizes the delivery of powerful contract lifecycle management solutions and best practice contract management and legal outsourcing professional services with a focus on the Indian business market. Read more about the ASC and Mind Merchants partnership.

ASC's partnership with Seal Software will help provide ASC customers with a faster, more efficient way to discover, extract and load their existing contracts and data into ASC Contracts™, helping them to quickly realize the full benefit of their CLM solution. Read more about the ASC and Seal Software partnership.

ASC's partnership with LegalSifter entails integrating and offering LegalSifter’s software and services with ASC’s sell-side, buy-side and enterprise-wide contract management portfolio to support faster, systematic and structured loading of contracts, documents and associated data. Read more about the ASC and LegalSifter partnership.

ASC alliances also include improved multi-engine esignature support with strategic integrations with OneSpan Sign/eSignLiveAlphaTrustAdobe Sign and DocuSign, complementing the ASC solution platform's inherent esignature capability and enabling our customers to flexibly choose the esignature solution and vendor option that best suits their business need. Read more about the ASC and eSignLive partnership, the ASC and AlphaTrust partnership and the integration between ASC and Adobe Sign.

Channel Partners

ASC's channel program is designed to address the complete spectrum of partner needs and ensure channel partner success, and, ultimately, the success of our joint customers. To that end, ASC builds strong relationships with industry-leading application providers and resellers who know our contract lifecycle and business process management solutions and services well and are equally committed to providing complete solutions.

Association Memberships

At ASC, we complement our alliances and channel partner investment with memberships in key professional associations. These strategic memberships help ensure we remain well tuned with changing industry requirements, provide a source for continued expansion of expert partner network, and enable us to stay ahead of the curve with product development innovations.

More Channel Partners and Alliances Information

Partnering with the best companies in the industry enables ASC to provide our customers with advanced full-featured business process management solutions and ensures our solutions remain best practice from a continuity, growth and customer satisfaction perspective.

To join our growing team of partners or for additional information about our alliances, channel partner programs or industry association memberships, please contact us.

More ASC Solutions Information

In addition to our contract repository software and document, form and pricing and lifecycle management solutions, ASC has solutions to automate, streamline and simplify business processes such as contract risk management, compliance management, order tracking, invoice validation and verification, data retention, records management, customer management, and supplier/vendor management.

Please contact us for more information about any of these solutions.

Working with our trusted partners, ASC has delivered best practice enterprise contract management solutions and business process management software to customers in the US, Canada and around the world for close to 25 years.

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