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Powerful Search Tools for Quick and Easy Data Retrieval

Angie Stockley, VP of Marketing and Communications, ASC Posted: October 1, 2015
Written by Angie Stockley

Dig deeper and more precisely using ASC’s advanced, multi-criteria search options to drill down to the exact contracts, documents, forms, quotes or data you need

Managing contracts, documents, forms, quotes, etc., is complex enough without the added trouble of locating your required information; especially with the rapid pace of today’s business. Users expect a robust enterprise-grade, full-text search engine coupled with features such as autocomplete, multi-criteria search and advanced logic and algorithms to seamlessly handle searches for words and phrases, not to mention personalized search options with the ability to save frequent searches for regular reuse.  Such a powerful database search engine is key to ensuring that you can quickly find and retrieve important contract and document management information on demand.

Customizable with simple and advanced search options (e.g., free-form full-text across single or multiple search parameters, Boolean search methods, mathematics operations, string operators, “if-then-else” logic, etc.), ASC’s powerful search tool does all that and more. The ASC search utility helps users stay on top of the ever-increasing demand for business data by providing an agile, flexible platform that allows pertinent information (records, contracts, documents and meta data) to be quickly and easily searched – by any authorized user from anywhere -- from one centralized location.

Simple Search
Simple Search

Single and Multi-Criteria Search Definition

ASC’s robust full text out-of-the-box searching and reporting capability enables users to easily locate all records, contracts, documents, forms, quotes, etc.,  and meta data within the ASC system.

Bounded only by their access rights, all users have the ability to search across records and forms and produce reports matching their exact required search criteria. Searching for terms in a document or across documents is very easy.

Off-the-shelf functionality includes configurable simple searches as well as robust advanced search capability. All fields are searchable and searches can be expanded to include multiple values or narrowed down to a single field value. Further, all searches can be saved and re-run on an adhoc basis or converted to regularly scheduled reports with the added ability to suppress blank searches.

Advanced Multi-Criteria Filtered Search
Advanced Multi-Criteria Filtered Search

Flexible Search Operators

The ASC solution rules can be configured using Boolean operators, mathematics operations, string operators such as "equal to", "like" and "does not contain" as well as nested "if-then-else" logic.

Example Search Configuration Options
Example Search Configuration Options

Flexible Search Parameters

Different fields and values can be used with different operators such as:

  • Is equal to
  • Is not equal to
  • Is at least
  • Is at most
  • Is before
  • Is after
  • Is between
  • Is not between
  • Is one of

A variety of types are also supported, such as:

  • Dates
  • Numerics
  • Option lists
  • Files

These same parameters are available for search and reporting (find out how ASC’s enterprise grade search drives its robust reporting capability). Wild card searching is supported for any value (% and _). If the field is not known, a special all fields search can be done using the “is equal to” operator.


Secure, Authorized Access

The ASC solution is securely partitioned for centralized use by internal and external stakeholders. Users only have access to data that they have appropriate permissions to view. This secure partitioning with business rule controls includes the ability to keep certain results completely hidden or to simply restrict specific fields in a particular record or form. Security and business rules can be applied at the template, document, user and field levels.

Why ASC?

ASC's flexible and robust search capabilities are an integral part of all our web-based, zero footprint solutions.   Whatever your business process automation needs, you can trust ASC to deliver tailored online technical solutions that streamline your business operations for improved performance, advanced business intelligence and a better bottom line. Schedule a demo of ASC Contracts.

ASC’s powerful database search engine ensures you can quickly and easily find and retrieve important contract and document management information on demand.

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