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Savvis Leverages ASC Contracts for Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management

Accelerating Sales and Contract Approvals while Reducing Risk at Savvis, Inc.

When John Knoblich took over responsibility for contract management at Savvis, he quickly realized that there were multiple processes for generating and managing contracts within the company as a result of prior mergers and acquisitions. According to John, “We had a variety of ad hoc legacy processes which had limited integration, workflow control and visibility. As a result of merging multiple companies’ processes together, there was not a single defined contract process, no single system to manage the workflow and limited visibility into the status of a contract under review."

These multiple processes made it very difficult for John and the team to assess how well the contract management process was performing and to identify specific areas to improve.

ASC's solution provided the glue for managing Savvis' contract and document processes.

“Every element of our business was affected,” says John. “For our sales team, this informal contract process created dissatisfaction with the customer. They never knew where the contract was in the approval process, or when they could expect to receive it so they could close the sale.”

Savvis Goals

After reviewing the contract management situation, John decided that Savvis needed to implement a formal contract lifecycle management process that would provide:

  • On-demand reporting of key metrics
  • A formalized workflow and control mechanism
  • A centralized repository for all contract information

More Information

Read the Savvis case study to find out more about Savvis' contract and document management requirements as well as discover ASC's best practice steps to success and the ROI resultant from the tailored solution.

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