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Form and Record Management Software to Manage Custom Dynamic Forms and Records

Discover ASC's Flexible Forms & Records Management Capability

Forms and Records Management Solution for Secure Online Inputs and Submissions

Custom Web-Based Forms and Records Management

Collecting accurate form-based inputs a problem? Pulling your hair out over data re-entry errors from paper forms? No easy way to extract business intelligence and metrics from your form data or records? Automate, simplify and improve your form management and record management processes with ASC Forms.

Dynamic Forms and Records Generator

ASC Forms is a web-based, forms management or records management solution that provides organizations the ability to securely create and capture flexible levels of information on custom, definable forms or records online -- from the point of submission to secure database management. The dynamic forms and records generator includes smart features such as dropdown selectors, checkbox and radio button options, date controls and add row capabilities. The forms or records can be mapped to existing systems for further input efficiency and cross-business visibility. Online form or record management streamlines and helps ensure input accuracy as well as compliance with pre-defined business rules and validation requirements, including processes like Account Open (deposit, loans, funds, transfers, wealth and portfolio management) for finance; management of special records such as electronic medical records (EMRs) and admission, consent, transfer and claims forms in healthcare organizations and unique cross-industry forms such as W-8Ben, tax and HST forms. The inherent searchable and secure records database keeps information at your fingertips and import/export and advanced reporting/metrics capabilities ensure rich, portable business intelligence.


  • Flexible, configurable form and record management database
  • Dynamic form and record creation (wizard-based with multiple document and delivery formats)
  • Online form data entry with built-in approval and rules-based workflows
  • Ability to save drafts of incomplete forms/records and complete/submit later
  • Smart form features (e.g., dropdown selectors, date controls)
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Flexible archiving and retention policies
  • Customizable indexing, robust search and audit-ready reporting
  • Paper and electronic capture with OCR
  • Collaboration, revision tracking and version control


  • Simplified business processes and improved productivity
  • Reduced operating costs (streamlined processes)
  • Secure creation and editing (barcode enabled)
  • Simplified, yet robust search and report options (full text, any field, any document)
  • Accessible on premise or on demand in the cloud -- any time, anywhere, any device
  • Better workflow and business rule controls
  • Greater business knowledge (metrics) and audit trail (monitoring)
  • Assured compliance with complete, automated business rule controls and escalation procedures
  • Centralized and simplified data entry procedures (reduced manual entry, fewer errors, more portable data)

Seamless Integration

ASC's contract management software and other business solutions integrate with SFAs, CRMs, ERPs and esignature engines, including:

Adobe Sign

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ASC's contract management software and other solutions can be configured to meet your specific industry or functional needs.

ASC Forms online database helps you more effectively manage form and record creation and input consistency.