ASC Tailored Solutions

Tailored CLM and business process management software based on the flagship ASC Contracts

Contract management software and business process solutions easily configured and enhanced to deliver the right solution for your business

Business problems and the best practice processes to address them are oftentimes unique to the organizations and industries in which they operate. To be truly effective, contract management software and other business process management solutions cannot pigeonhole enterprises into a “one size fits all” approach. Tailored and integrated solutions applied to an enterprise’s defined business processes and related best practices drive greatest return and results-focused business outcomes.  Also essential to enterprise success -- moving beyond paper-based processes into the digital age for improved business insight and process management efficiency.

Business Process Optimization Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Unique Business Needs

With close to 25 years' progressive experience in contract repository software development and installed customers in the US, Canada, and worldwide, ASC’s focus has always been delivering tailored online technical solutions to efficiently address customers’ unique business concerns.  Our flagship ASC Contracts solution is a proven example – easily configured and enhanced to deliver the right contract management solution for each of our customers.

More than Contracts – Documents, Forms, Pricing and Quoting

ASC’s core ASC Contracts solution is focused on end-to-end contract lifecycle management (CLM), but also has modules for document management, form management as well as pricing and quoting management.

Tailored for Your Industry and Your Unique Business Needs

To further this tailored philosophy, ASC also offers industry and customer specific contract management software and business process solutions. Each of these solutions is based on the core ASC Contracts contract management software engine, but configured and enhanced to address unique industry and organizational best practices. This modular approach offers the benefits of custom-developed solutions without the high costs or lengthy development and implementation cycles normally associated with more custom deployments.

ASC offers enterprise grade contract management systems and other business process solutions for communication services providers (CSPs) such as telecom (telcos -- landline and wireless), Internet service providers, cable (cablecos), satellite, and managed services businesses; financial services institutions such as banks, brokerages and insurance companies; legal services; as well as energy and utilities, healthcare, and government and education.

ASC’s iterative development approach and constant investment in understanding industry requirements makes ASC solutions well suited and on trend with the needs of these and other industries. And, the fact that ASC invests in getting to know the intricacies of our customers’ business processes and requirements on a one-to-one basis helps ensure ASC solutions are well suited to your special needs.

Key attributes of our tailored solutions include:

Tailored and Configured, not Customized

ASC contract repository, document, form and pricing and quoting solutions are developed with flexible programming languages such as Java, HTML and XML to ensure rapid integration with existing IT infrastructures (including legacy) and to enable flexible tailored solutions without the time, risk and expense normally associated with customization.

Designed to Match your Processes

No one-size-fits-all solutions here. Our subject matter and solution experts work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure our solutions map to your unique contract management and business process requirements and best practices while also taking advantage of our best practice implementation and integration experience. The result: A solution that’s intuitive and right for you.

Third-Party Negotiation and Collaboration Control

ASC solutions enable automated and streamlined management of contracts and documents originating from other companies’ systems or templates, including PDF format.  Among other features, this enables easy accommodation of external parties (vendors, suppliers, customers, partners) during contract and project negotiation and collaboration.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) software or contract management databases combine elements of both document management and records management to automate contract or legal agreement document creation and to ensure compliance with internal and regulatory policies. ASC solutions handle CLM seamlessly -- end to end -- helping organizations reduce costs, maximize revenue and minimize the risk of regulatory non-compliance.

Secure Access Control and Change Tracking 

ASC solutions provide secure user-based access controls and privileges and granular document change tracking, all according to your specified requirements.  That includes tracking and reporting on all contract, document and vendor/client data fields.

Get Your Tailored Solution

Demo ASC solutions today and let us show you how we can deliver an enterprise contract management solution or business process management solution that's just right for you.


Discover the ASC advantage with contract lifecycle management software and business process solutions tailored to your requirements.

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