Workflow Management

Improve Your Business Processes with Automated Workflow Management, Notifications and Alerts

Custom Workflows to Automate Contract Approvals and Business Rule Enforcement

ASC web-based solutions include a highly configurable and flexible workflow engine that provides organizations the ability to define, automate and enforce custom workflows for rules and decision points that govern their contract management lifecycle and other business processes. ASC Workflows can accommodate the most complex rules and enable custom notifications and auto-alert flags, helping engage the right people at the right time to keep contract lifecycles and business processes running quickly and effectively. ASC's workflow management capability helps ensure proper standards and process is followed for compliance, approval processes, changes and other workflow oriented requirements.

Business Process IntelligenceASC Contract Workflow Management Example -- Sales Contract Approval

ASC's workflow management solution also enables excellent business insight: providing visibility of where a contract is in the lifecycle process and helping identify bottlenecks (for a particular contract or in general relative to the entire process). The inherent data store can also be easily searched, audited and analyzed to inform and drive intelligent business decisions and improve business efficiency and effectiveness.

Simplified Contract Approvals and Compliance Workflows

ASC workflow management capability is designed to ensure even the most complex workflows operate simply and have flexibility where permitted and required by the business. The workflow engine can apply workflow to any system data object, contract or document and has the ability to assign approvers even at granular clause levels.

  • Dynamic, User-Friendly Workflows: Dependent on the contract type created or modified, the appropriate workflow is dynamically created with more or less steps according to the exact business requirement.
  • Approval Process Workflows: Workflow processes can be set up so contract approvals are sequential (serial) or so multiple parties can work on their respective contract components and approve simultaneously (in parallel).
  • Compliance Management Workflows: Automated workflows coupled with business rules, related decision points and approvals process, streamlines corporate governance and standards/regulatory controls.

Robust Yet Flexible Workflows

Workflow flexibility is crucial for the success of contract lifecycle management and other business process management tools as it ensures quick adoption rates and helps eliminate contract lifecycle process bottlenecks.

Request a demo and discover how to flexibly automate and streamline your contract lifecycle and business process workflows with ASC solutions.

ASC's workflow management capability automates and simplifies enterprise contract management approvals, business processes and business rule management.

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