Environmental Health and Safety Management

Environmental and Health and Safety (EHS) Regulation Management and Compliance

Environmental Health and Safety Management and Compliance: Centralized, Automated and Streamlined

From contractor pre-qualification to work site inspections, injury reports and contractor performance assessments, ASC's contract management lifecycle (CLM) software automates, simplifies and enables Energy & Utilities oversight into mitigation of workplace Environmental and Health and Safety (EHS) risks both to the worker and to the utility infrastructure. By providing a centralized repository for contractors, service requests and contracts, the ASC ContractsTM solution allows both auditors and contract administrators to quickly access a searchable online database for full visibility and insight into contractor non-conformances, assessments and action lists. 

Simple, Yet Powerful Contract Management

ASC's Energy & Utilities contract lifecycle management software and compliance management solutions helps Energy & Utilities efficiently manage Environmental and Health & Safety (EHS) contract management and compliance requirements by providing:

  • A cost-effective solution
  • A centralized, web-based repository
  • Consistent, repeatable contracting processes for third-party service contracts
  • Focus on ensuring compliance to the EHS safety and contracting requirements
  • Automation of service contract management processes
  • Adherence to and accessibility of EHS policies and resources
  • Automation of related project management tasks

Operational Efficiency and Risk Management Benefits

ASC's environmental health and safety regulation management solution for Energy & Utilities drives significant operational and risk management benefits, including:

  • Auto-creation and awarding of service contracts
  • Complete contract lifecycle management (e.g., service requests, bids, risks, contracts)
  • Compliance to all contracting and safety regulations
  • Simplified contractor pre-qualification processes
  • Centralized, comprehensive repository of information such as contractor qualifications, performance assessments, injury reports as well as insurance, Workers Compensation and PQA details
  • Streamlined project oversight management/task scheduling, reduction in required oversight forms
  • Easy adaptability to support new and evolving environment, health and safety initiatives
  • Identification of contractor safety issues before the contracting process begins
  • EHS risk and deficiency analysis capability
  • Automation of corrective actions tracking (controls and measures) and assurance that proper steps are taken to mitigate safety risks
  • Tracking of inspection and workplace incident frequency
  • Extensive and easy-to-use query and reporting capabilities (e.g., compliance and statistics), including export of all data fields to MS Excel
  • Oversight tracking such as mobilization, inspections/worksite reviews (WSRs), performance summary
  • Miscellaneous tracking including incident reporting, corrective action (mentoring), non-conformance

ASC Solutions Best Practices Framework

In solving any customer's contract management and business process management challenges, ASC's best practices framework includes:

  • Identifying key cross-organizational stakeholders (e.g., Project Managers, Contract Administrators, Legal, EHS Specialists, Insurance Administrators, Procurement, etc.)
  • Gathering and documenting business processes and requirements
  • Prototype definition, field trial, refinement and buildout
  • Historical data loading and data cleanup
  • Training the teams (train-the-trainer, one-to-one, one-to-two, team and online)
  • Deploying hosted and managed solutions

ASC's environmental health and safety regulation management solution for Energy & Utilities helps automate and simplify EHS regulation compliance and contract management.

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