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ASC Partners with Mind Merchants to Provide Best-in-Class Contract Management Solutions and Services

ASC joins forces with Mind Merchants to bring tailorable contract lifecycle management software solutions and enhanced contract management services to the Indian business market

Ottawa, Ontario (August 18, 2014) — ASC (Advanced Software Concepts), a leading provider of SaaS and on-premise based contract, document, form, and configure, price and quote (CPQ) management solutions to SMBs and large enterprises, today announced its partnership with Mind Merchants, a solution provider specializing in tailored, market-specific, legal support solutions and legal process outsourcing for companies and law firms in India and around the world.

ASC and Mind Merchants will partner to deliver powerful contract lifecycle management solutions and best practice contract management and legal outsourcing professional services with a focus on the Indian business market. This partnership will help ensure local customers of all sizes and complexities better manage their contracting commitments and related business performance while reducing costs, maximizing revenues, improving business relationships and mitigating compliance risks.

“The ASC and Mind Merchants partnership grew out of significant investigation, due diligence and deliberation on both sides to find a strategic and mutually beneficial global partner to help further extend our respective best-in-class solutions and services to our valued clients,” said Shawn King, President and CEO, ASC. “We also each wanted a partner that shared our strong corporate values: an ethic of hard work, discipline and commitment; dedication to quality and continued growth; and, most importantly, a focus on high customer satisfaction.”

“Mind Merchants easily fit the bill from ASC’s perspective and we are extremely pleased to partner with their corporate team and local market experts and leverage their firm leadership position in the Indian market to more quickly extend and accelerate our solution availability and successes in this robust and growing market,” said Shawn King, President and CEO, ASC.

Dilpreet Sidhu, CEO at Mind Merchants, adds, “In our search for a contract management software solution partner, Mind Merchants meticulously evaluated nearly every contract management solution available. Through this process, Mind Merchants selected ASC, the only contract management partner that truly provides a ‘single window’ software solution that flexibly addresses virtually every contract management need a corporate legal department could have --and potentially some it might not recognize.”

Together ASC and Mind Merchants have created a contract management process that addresses advanced customer requirements with a rich feature set and with no formal “customization” necessary (although it is available). They can now offer their clients robust, “out of the box” contract lifecycle management systems and a full complement of support services from consulting and customization to data digitization and migration, deployment and integration, ongoing maintenance and upgrade support, and legal support services, in one integrated partnership solution.

“We look forward to showcasing the flexible and seamlessly integrated contract management solution to our customers,” stated Sidhu. "The tailorable, user friendly and feature rich solution fits nicely within Mind Merchants’ current portfolio, easily accommodating the contract management requirements of our India-based and international customers while complementing our own service offering,  experience and expertise in the contract management field.”

Founded within a framework of cross-industry best practices dating back to 1992, ASC solutions are delivered via a proven web-based platform that is easily tailored to specific environments and processes and is well suited for any industry and organizations of all sizes and complexities.

All ASC solutions provide a central database to track key milestones within a company’s business workflows and administration processes, the ability to capture images (e.g., signed contracts), approvals routing workflow management, robust search and reporting, template and clause libraries, as well as support for a wide range of meta data, document and content types and processes such as compliance and credentialing.

This strategic partnership represents another key initiative in ASC’s commitment to expanding its worldwide partner network and continuing to offer comprehensive "end-to-end" solutions and services to exceed the diverse needs of our customer base in the Indian business market as well as around the world.

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About ASC

ASC (Advanced Software Concepts Inc.) is a leading provider of cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) and on-premise solutions for contract, document, form and configure, price and quote (CPQ) lifecycle management. Leveraging the proven ASC solution platform, ASC deploys tailored, customer-specific solutions that automate and streamline business process management requirements end to end. Features include a searchable online data repository, document generation, template library, workflow management, audit-ready history and reporting, esignature, image capture and support for a wide range of document types and processes. ASC solutions help organizations reduce costs, maximize revenue and minimize regulatory non-compliance risks. With extensive experience providing best practice solutions, ASC is an industry expert that works as a true partner to define and create unique business process management solutions for our SMB and large enterprise customers.  ASC also provides solutions for order tracking, invoice validation and verification, data retention, records management, product configuration and sales configuration. For more information, please visit

About Mind Merchants

As a legal process outsourcing (LPO) innovator, Mind Merchants creates fast, efficient, cost-effective and tailored legal solutions and support for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to solo practitioners and handles projects ranging from a single patent application to a multi-level document review to an entire contract lifecycle management system. Every client receives customized solutions and individualized attention from the smartest, most highly-trained attorneys in India and this creates the best possible results for our clients. With Mind Merchants, using LPO services becomes an integral part of any successful legal practice from the largest to the smallest. In addition to contract management solutions and services, Mind Merchants diverse offering includes compliance and multi-jurisdictional surveys, immigration support, litigation support, law firm solutions, and intellectual property management. For more information, please visit

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