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ASC Partners with Seal to Provide Advanced Contract Discovery & Analytics as Part of ASC’s CLM Offer

Strategic partnership enables customers to discover, extract and upload contracts and terms into ASC’s contract lifecycle management solution quickly, accurately and cost effectively

Ottawa, Ontario (April 22, 2014) — ASC (Advanced Software Concepts), a leading provider of SaaS and on-premise based contract, document, form, and configure, price and quote (CPQ) management solutions to SMBs and large enterprises, today announced a partnership with Seal Software, the leading provider of solutions designed to discover, capture, extract, analyze and manage contracts. The partnership will provide ASC customers with a faster, more efficient way to discover, extract and load their existing contracts and data into ASC Contracts™, helping them to quickly realize the full benefit of their CLM solution.

Contract management encompasses much more than active contract authoring and lifecycle management; there is a substantial amount of legacy contractual material to leverage and manage as well. Properly identifying valuable contract documentation, extracting relevant terms and subsequently creating and loading full-text, searchable versions of documents into a CLM solution can be an extremely difficult, time-consuming and costly undertaking if done via traditional manual methods. It is also not easily repeatable. Yet, populating this contractual material into a CLM solution is critical to ensuring user adoption and the full utility and effectiveness of a CLM system, including reporting, obligation management, and alerts.

Seal’s unique Contract Discovery and Contract Analytics solutions allow customers to immediately leverage extracted contract terms and clause combinations to gain answers to critical questions regarding their contracts. This solution complements the ASC Contracts offering, providing customers a true, end-to-end, automated contract management solution from enterprise-wide contract discovery and migration to full lifecycle management. In addition to identifying and leveraging extracted meta data, the tightly integrated solutions will enable customers to efficiently create full-text searchable versions of contract image files as well as improve contract analysis capability by providing mechanisms for contract review and cleansing. The selected contract materials can be migrated to ASC Contracts – quickly and cost effectively – and the automated process is repeatable if contract management system requirements change (e.g., additional meta data required, new departments, mergers and acquisitions).

“We’re excited to leverage Seal’s Contract Discovery and Analytics software to accelerate the discovery and data loading activities that are a critical but arduous part of our customers CLM solution rollout processes,” said Shawn King, President and CEO, ASC. “The ASC solution itself provides strong utilities for efficient data loading and automated push and pull system integration, but Seal’s software provides a complementary layer of automated contract discovery and analysis intelligence which will improve time to value for ASC customers by dramatically reducing contract load time while increasing legacy contract migration accuracy and relevance.”

This strategic partnership represents another key initiative in ASC’s commitment to expanding its worldwide partner network – in this case augmenting and complementing our own solution capability with advance functions that will create more value and drive efficiency for our customers. The partnership helps facilitate, simplify and speed up the critical contract discovery, meta data extraction and legacy data loading phase of contract management solution projects, allowing customers to quickly move forward with centralized access to contractual materials and realize the full visibility, transparency, proactivity, and efficacy enabled by ASC’s best practice contract lifecycle management solution.

“The goal of this partnership is to use our collective experience, best practices and tightly embedded solutions to assist organizations in ensuring all contractual processes are automated, streamlined and optimized to provide full contract visibility and control,” adds Dan Daehler, vice president, Global Services & Channels at Seal Software. “Working with ASC, Seal is able to enhance ASC customers’ contract management experience by providing complete contract transparency and comprehensive contract lifecycle management.”

ASC and Seal Software will work together to deliver best practice discovery, analysis and other consultative and professional services integrated with the powerful ASC ContractsTM contract lifecycle solution, helping enterprises better manage their contractual commitments, maximize profits, minimize costs, mitigate risks  and optimize their overall business performance. Seal’s new e-book, “Best Practices in Contract Migration: Why You Should and How to Do It,” offers an in-depth look at the process and benefits for implementing a comprehensive contract discovery and review initiative and is available for download. [Web Editor Update: This version of the eBook is no longer available for download.]

View the PDF version of the press release.

About ASC

ASC (Advanced Software Concepts Inc.) is a leading provider of cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) and on-premise solutions for contract, document, form and configure, price and quote (CPQ) lifecycle management. Leveraging the proven ASC solution platform, ASC deploys tailored, customer-specific solutions that automate and streamline business process management requirements end to end. Features include a searchable online data repository, document generation, template library, workflow management, audit-ready history and reporting, esignature, image capture and support for a wide range of document types and processes. ASC solutions help organizations reduce costs, maximize revenue and minimize regulatory non-compliance risks. With extensive experience providing best practice solutions, ASC is an industry expert that works as a true partner to define and create unique business process management solutions for our SMB and large enterprise customers.  ASC also provides solutions for order tracking, invoice validation and verification, data retention, records management, product configuration and sales configuration. For more information, please visit

About Seal Software

Seal Software’s Contract Discovery and Analytics platform helps companies maximize revenue opportunities and reduce expenses and costs associated with contracts, and contract management systems and processes.

Seal Contract Discovery locates contractual documents within minutes wherever they reside within an organization and is rapidly deployable; extracting key contractual terms and clauses, rendering them for easy review, and populating corporate repositories, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Seal Contract Analytics empowers clients to analyze contracts by discovering specific language and clause combinations that are most relevant to your business.

For further information, visit the Seal Software website:

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