ASC Solutions Portfolio Overview

Tailored Contract Management, Document, Form and Pricing & Quoting Solutions

Contract lifecycle management (CLM), content management and business process management solutions

ASC, a trusted solution provider, offers a fully integrated contract lifecycle management (CLM), content management and business process management solution portfolio to automate and streamline your business operations for improved performance, advanced business intelligence and a better bottom line. ASC’s web-based, zero footprint tailored solutions offer the same lower cost reduced risk benefits as out-of-the-box software, while addressing the unique needs of each customer. ASC's contract, document, form and pricing and quoting management solutions and business process optimization software flexibly scales with tiered Lite, Team, Professional and Enterprise feature sets as well as a seamlessly integrated Salesforce AppExchange option to meet the needs of any business -- from small medium business (SMB) to large enterprise.

ASC Contracts

ASC Contracts

ASC Contracts™ is a contract lifecycle management (CLM) database that automates, streamlines and simplifies sales, procurement, legal, employee, HR and other contract lifecycle needs including workflow, reporting, templates and clause libraries. Learn more.

ASC Documents

ASC Documents

ASC Documents is a document management database solution that offers a searchable online repository to automate, track, store, create and manage electronic documents, meta data and images of documents simply and effectively. Learn more.

ASC Forms

ASC Forms

ASC Forms is a form and record management solution that automates and streamlines the creation, capture and management of custom, definable forms or records (e.g., Account Open), applying approval workflows and business rules for compliance. Learn more.

ASC Pricing & Quoting

ASC Pricing & Quoting

The ASC configure, price and quote (CPQ) solution facilitates sales configuration, RFx (RFP, RFQ, RFI) management, sourcing and procurement, bidding, tendering, sales and price configuration as well as collaborative negotiation. Learn more.

eSourcing and eProcurement


Solution suite seamlessly manages end-to-end sourcing and procurement requirements, from requesting, solicitation, selecting, negotiating, awarding through to compliance and monitoring. Learn more.

eSourcing and eProcurement

More ASC Solutions

The ASC portfolio also includes solutions for risk management, compliance management, customer/supplier management, sales configuration, invoicing and billing and much more. Learn more.

Core ASC Solution Features

All of ASC solutions are based on the ASC Platform software, the core ASC contract, content and business process management solutions engine since 2001, and include these features:

  • Wizard/questionnaire based document creation
  • Dynamic document generation
  • Secure repositories or databases
  • Easy searching and reporting
  • Approval workflow management
  • Ability to capture images of documents and contracts
  • Import and export capabilities
  • Automated and ad-hoc metrics and business intelligence (KPI) reports
  • Automated notifications and alerts
  • Third-party collaboration and redline negotiations
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, eSignature vendors, etc.
  • And much more  -- all to help you effectively manage your contracts, documents and data from one central location!

More Enterprise Grade Solutions

ASC also has enterprise solutions to automate, streamline and simplify business processes like sales configuration, account open management, risk management, compliance management, performance management, event management, customer management, and supplier/vendor management. Please contact us for more information about any of these solutions.

Read more about our industry and function specific tailored solution capability and our flexible SaaS/cloud (multi-tenant or single tenant) and on-premise delivery options.

Full Source-to-Contract

Founded in 1992, ASC Networks Inc. (ASC) is an omni-channel CLM, document management (any document or form type: quotes, orders, legal, corporate), quality management, and analytics provider. Full functionality is available for buy-side, sell-side, and enterprise-wide. In 2016, the company was acquired by mdf commerce, an eCommerce technology provider with a portfolio encompassing automation solutions for sourcing, contracting, procurement, supply chain, and supplier management. As part of mdf commerce, ASC utilizes the integrated modules of its sister companies MERX (a prominent Canadian sourcing automation provider) and BidNet/BidNet Direct (a pioneering US sourcing automation provider) to extend its portfolio to encompass full strategic sourcing and enterprise CLM. These partnerships enable ASC to provide extensive sourcing and CLM functionality across a multitude of market verticals with easy scalability for small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses. Specialized solutions are available for public sector, higher education, non-profit organizations, and other industries. The complete integration between ASC and the mdf commerce technology backbone gives ASC’s customers access to a full suite of strategic sourcing and CLM solutions. The suite can also be delivered as individual modules that augment a customer’s existing IT ecosystem. To further amplify the value of the solution portfolio, ASC offers consulting services to improve clients’ sourcing and contract management processes and use of automation technology. The company also offers solutions for unified commerce and specialized eMarketplaces.

Localization and Regionalization Flexibility

All ASC software solutions have robust localization and regionalization capabilities so they can be configured to flexibly address diverse multi-lingual, multi-currency and date/numeric formatting needs -- making them well suited for global deployments. Find out more about our international solution capability.

ASC's enterprise contract management system and content management and business process solutions help you automate and simplify your processes for reduced costs, improved profitability, increased data utility, and improved operations.

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