ASC Contract Management Software Benefits

Best Practice Contract Management Software for the Complete Contract Data Lifecycle

Contract management software to automate and streamline the complete contract management lifecycle for full contract data utility and end-to-end process and revenue optimization

Encompassing contract and legal agreement administration requirements from contract generation, to signed contract image capture, to a searchable contracts management database, as well as workflow, reporting, tracking and other contract lifecycle management (CLM) steps, ASC Contracts software offers contract managers, administrators and other contract management stakeholders a simple yet powerful online contract management solution that drives end-to-end contract management best practices and provides robust benefits, including:


  • Process Efficiency:  ASC’s contract lifecycle management software uses proven best practice contract management controls to automate and streamline contracting processes including the ability to generate, redline and capture contracts and legal agreements.  The contract tracking software also provides easy and flexible options to audit, track and report on any required contract data (including enabling easy data extraction for more in-depth analysis) and improves global business controls (e.g., integration and accessibility for departments, locales, languages, etc.) for optimized contract value and performance, faster workflow cycles and corporate governance adherence.
  • Collaborative Negotiation: The contract management system provides the ability to import and work with contracts and legal agreements generated by other companies, whether electronic or paper-based, and to capture signed contract images enables effective external and third-party negotiation and collaboration.
  • Compliance Management: ASC Contracts contract data system automates contract business rules and approval workflows and provides an audit-friendly online contract database with a complete edit history and robust tracking and reporting capability, addressing compliance management and legislation requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Stark Law, Bill C-17/Vanessa's Law, SAB 101, and Foreign Corruption Practices Act (FCPA).
  • Approvals Workflow Management:  ASC’s contract approvals workflow management system is driven by template-based collaborative contract generation, renewal and amendment capability as well as rules-based review and existing enterprise approval workflows.
  • Risk Aversion: The online ASC contract database tracking system is configurable for proactive compliance management based on business rules, approval workflows and other criteria defined for performance and risk tracking, reporting, monitoring and event management. All data can be extracted or exported for additional reporting and analysis.
  • Barcode Automation and Security: The advanced barcode contract tracking system provides a series of checks and balances to ensure document integrity and security. The barcode also enables proof of contracts tampering (original document can be traced and regenerated instantly) to eliminate any potential for repudiation.

Revenue Optimization

  • Cost Control: ASC's contract data system automates and streamlines enterprise contract management lifecycle processes increasing business efficiency and improving internal and third-party collaboration and thereby reducing operating expenses.
  • Revenue Assurance: The ASC contract management lifecycle system helps reduce revenue loss and improve revenue assurance with capabilities like easy rate management which ensure you don't miss out on revenue opportunities such as price/rate changes, renewals and expired contracts.
  • Return on Investment: ASC's contract administration software helps you optimize contract performance, vendor management, customer management, supplier/sourcing management, contract renewals, etc. This optimization maximizes your revenue and cost savings enabling fast return on investment (ROI) – typically well under one year.
  • Financial Reconciliation:  Dynamic calculations can be configured in the ASC contracts management system to support royalty payments, tiered pricing and other calculation-based processes to help ensure reconciled financial statements.


  • Access Contracts from Anywhere: ASC Contracts' online contract management database software allows on-demand, searchable access to all key contract data by contract administrators and managers, other internal users/stakeholders and external collaborators (anytime, anywhere, any device).
  • Reliable Enterprise Search: The searchable online contract management database with full-text search query and custom search mechanisms such as parent-child contract hierarchy and flexible document grouping allows easy retrieval of signed contract images, documents and data.
  • Strong User Uptake: The easy-to-use contract management system interface with flexible configuration options, including role/function based views and “My List” (actions inbox) ensures a tailored business fit and simplified user-level access reducing training time/costs and improving user uptake.
  • Security Permissions: The online contract management database solution enables contract security to be defined based on an access control list (configured by role, level, customer, etc.) and can integrate with external systems (e.g., vendor ERPs).

Metrics and Tracking

  • Business Insights and Analysis: The contract management system's tracking and reporting software enables on-demand or automated reports, increasing contract visibility, record-keeping accuracy and provides actionable and extractable business intelligence for improved processes, bottleneck elimination, assured compliance and contract management best practices.
  • Comprehensive Revision History: ASC Contracts provides detailed, accurate records of contract changes through integration with Microsoft Word, document compare and edit tracking/redlining capabilities, even at the clause level. This full contract data history is audit-ready.
  • Performance Tracking: ASC’s contract management lifecycle solution optimizes contract performance through event management and compliance and performance monitoring, maximizing revenue and cost savings potential.

Relationship Management

  • Business Relationship Management: ASC Contracts contract management database improves contract manager and stakeholder access to contract management processes and business information and helps build better business relationships -- internal, vendors, suppliers and customers.

Delivery and Rollout

  • Flexible Delivery Options: Flexible rollout options from fully managed, hosted software as a service (SaaS) or cloud contract management solution deployments to turnkey customer premise contract solutions mean contract management solutions that best meet your enterprise environment needs as well as your contracting lifecycle management requirements.
  • Tailored Solutions: ASC’s contract lifecycle management software enables customer-specific tailored and production-ready CLM applications without the high costs or lengthy development and implementation cycles normally associated with custom development.
  • Integration: ASC Contracts flexibly integrates with all major sales force automation (SFA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions including Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and PeopleSoft and can also be linked to data (import and export) from forms and spreadsheets (e.g., rate management details). The contract data management tool can also integrate with your eSignature vendor of choice.

ASC Contracts best practice contract management software helps automate and streamline management of contracts and legal agreements helping you drive better contract value and better manage your enterprise contract management processes end to end. Demo to discover how ASC Contracts contract management software can simplify and automate your contract management processes.

Store and manage contracts online with ASC's end-to-end SaaS, cloud or on-premise contract management lifecycle solutions for sales, procurement, legal, finance, HR and more.

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