ASC Flexible Delivery Options

In the cloud or on your premises, ASC delivers trusted and secure enterprise solutions

On-Demand in the Cloud or On-Premise

ASC enterprise grade solutions can be flexibly deployed as fully managed, hosted software as a service (SaaS) solutions accessed in a multi-tenant or single-tenant (private) cloud or purchased and deployed on-premise (in-house).

Whether you select an on-demand (SaaS/cloud) or an on-premise solution, ASC Contracts contract management software and ASC’s other business process management solutions (documents, forms and pricing and quoting) provide a secure and searchable online contract/document repository of meta-data, documents, signed contract images and related materials.

Tiered Solutions to Flexibly Meet All Industry or Organization Needs

ASC hosted licence solutions (software as a service and cloud computing platform) are web-based and delivered on-demand via web browser. ASC solutions are social enterprise ready with our open, integration-ready cloud development technologies; mobile-friendly tools; and emphasis on developing software that enables robust internal and external collaboration. Our solutions are also zero footprint, requiring no software installation or download.

There are four contract management service tiers designed to best meet your needs:

ASC Contracts Lite is an online contract management repository that provides storage and easy access (anytime, anywhere) for all your contracts and agreements. ASC Contracts Lite also enables the capture of standard contract details (e.g., account, contract, attachment, tasks and notes) and includes the ability to run searches and reports, helping users effectively manage contract expiration and renewal.

ASC Contracts Team edition builds upon the Lite contract management system by adding features such as the ability to create (generate) contracts using pre-defined templates and clause libraries and ensuring that the correct contract version and clauses are used every time. ASC Contracts Team also gives users the option to create contracts with unique barcodes, enabling contracts and documents to be automatically filed in the online contract repository safely and accurately.

ASC Contracts Professional adds the ability to customize, tailor, extend or build new contract management objects; create new forms and wizards; add contract management business rules and approval workflows as well as allow multiple access control lists. ASC Contracts Professional also offers add-ons (at additional cost) such as a web services API, content searching and OCRing.

ASC Contracts Enterprise is a full feature, highly customizable contract management system that includes web services, content searching and OCRing, and for an additional fee also offers contract management options such as eSignature, work share and integration capability. ASC Contracts Enterprise provides various delivery models including single-tenant SaaS or on-premise at an additional cost.

Find out more about ASC Contracts robust contract lifecycle management (CLM) functionality by viewing the ASC Contracts Hosted Editions and Features Matrix (which details ASC Contracts available features according to the service tiers above) or by signing up for a demo of our flagship ASC Contracts solution.

ASC Contracts for Salesforce

ASC Contracts Salesforce application enables you to generate, attach, store and manage contracts and agreements, intuitively search and report on all contract data, and set contract auto-renew or expiry flags, all without leaving your Salesforce session! Find out more.

ASC Contracts In-House Product Offerings

ASC Contracts, our contract management repository software, can easily be installed and hosted on your organization's servers and under your control. Please contact us to discuss the possibility of a hosted or in-house implementation of ASC Contracts.

Business Process Management

ASC’s document, form and pricing and quoting lifecycle management modules can also be flexibly deployed according to the four service tiers. Please contact us for more information.

Flexibly deployed ASC solutions help you gain control of your contract repository management and document, form, pricing and quoting and other business process management needs.

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