SFA, CRM and ERP System Integration

ASC Middleware Connectors for Seamless SFA, CRM and ERP System Integration

Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, PeopleSoft?
Seamless Integration Whatever Your SFA, CRM and ERP Solution

Whether you need contract lifecycle management (CLM), document management, forms management, pricing and quoting management or all the above, ASC solutions seamlessly integrate with all major Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions as well as any Sales Force Automation (SFA) components. That means, with ASC solutions, all your systems -- such as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Peoplesoft -- are efficiently and quickly connected for optimal business efficiency, visibility, cost savings, risk and revenue management.

SAP Salesforce IBM Microsoft Peoplesoft Oracle

Flexible eSignature Integration

In addition to SFAs, CRMs and ERPs, the ASC solution can flexibly integrate with virtually any system you use, including eSignature engines. The ASC platform enables customers to use ASC’s own basic eSignature functionality to inject signatures without incurring eSignature vendor costs or it can easily and seamlessly integrate with and accept eSigned images from third party eSignature engines such as Adobe Sign, DocuSign, AlphaTrust, etc. And, whatever option you select, ASC Contracts goes one step further to automate the workflow and apply business rules surrounding the eSignature process. Find out how you can use your preferred eSignature vendor.

Open Standards Architecture and Web Services API

ASC's unique open standards architecture, web services API model, flexible development languages, out-of-the-box middleware connectors as well as our agile development processes and trusted technology enable ASC solutions to rapidly and seamlessly integrate with most enterprise level IT infrastructure, including on-premise applications, third-party solutions, external cloud services as well as legacy systems or proprietary (home grown) software. ASC solutions also easily enable native adaptors or connectors, mashups, composites, data integration and whatever integration model best suits your system needs.

For build it yourself integrations, the ASC open standards architecture and web services API model supports virtually all major development tools and environments (e.g., .NET, Java, PHP, HTML, XML, SOAP and more). The open architecture of ASC Contracts also accommodates the substitution of components such as Light Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

This integration flexibility ensures a viable, cross-organization ready contract management or business process solution that quickly saves you time and money.

Latest Security Technology

ASC solutions use the most advanced Internet security technology available today to protect your confidential information. Access to ASC solutions is password protected, and includes LDAP and Secure Socket Layer (SSL), with 128-bit encryption to protect your information using both server authentication and data encryption. This approach ensures that your data is safe, secure and only available to registered and authenticated users within your organization. Your data is completely inaccessible to your competitors and any other unauthorized, unauthenticated users.

Core ASC Contract Management Platform, Tailored Modular Solutions

ASC solutions are based on our proven core contract management repository platform, ASC ContractsTM, which is augmented with function and industry specific modules that can be tailored to best optimize customers’ unique contract lifecycle and business process needs, organizational structure and other requirement parameters while supporting regulatory needs and entrenching best practice business processes that provide long-term value and fast ROI. This unique combination of “off-the-shelf” CLM software components, custom software (optional) and services helps you quickly and easily take control of your contract management system and business processes, improve employee productivity and optimize revenue. View the contract management platform architecture.

Integration Consultants

Our experienced and trusted implementation consultants work closely with our customers’ internal development teams to ensure your solutions deliver the unique contract repository and business process management features you require and also to advise on integration best practices. And, based on our more than 20 years in the business and proven experience working with customers in the US, Canada and around the world, we help you evolve, integrate and improve your processes at the same time. Dependent on your need, our systems integration consultants can either lead the implementation project or work as a member of your internal implementation team.

More Information

Please contact us for more information about our systems integration capabilities or demo our contract, document, form or pricing and quoting lifecycle solutions and discover the full benefits of ASC solutions.

Out-of-the-box middleware connectors seamlessly integrate your ASC contract management or business process management software with all major SFA, CRM or ERP solutions.

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