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ASC Contracts -- Seamlessly Integrated Contract Lifecycle Management Software for Salesforce

ASC Solutions in Salesforce

Empower Your Business with ASC Contracts in Salesforce!  

Now you can create, attach, store and manage contracts and agreements throughout their lifecycle; intuitively search and report on all contract data and signed images; set custom notifications to flag things like contract expiry and auto-renew dates; automate approvals workflows -- all without ever leaving your Salesforce session!

Simple, Intuitive, Powerful Contract Management all within Salesforce

ASC Contracts enterprise-ready contract lifecycle management (CLM) software as a service (SaaS) or cloud solution provides on demand, single sign-on (SSO) contract management capability to help speed up contract workflow and eliminate process bottlenecks, along with these other great benefits:

  • Dynamic Contract Creation: Simple auto-generation (creation) capability for contracts, proposals, quotes and other documents means faster contract preparation and shorter sales cycles.
  • Contract Accessibility: Quick and easy access to contracts means total visibility and control of your contractual commitments, agreement status, signed documents, milestones, renewals and expirations throughout the contract management lifecycle.
  • Automated Notifications: Proactive notification of key dates and milestones (e.g., approved, pending approval, signed, auto-renewed, expired and terminated), allows you to stay in control of your contract renewals and ensures contract management process compliance. 
  • Workflow Management: Define, automate and enforce custom workflows for rules and decision points that govern your sales processes, including custom notifications and auto-alert flags to help engage the right people at the right time to expedite the sales cycle.
  • Easy Search and Reporting: On-demand retrieval of contract information and related reports and metrics via ASC Contracts searchable online database improves overall contract administration, compliance regulation and sales intelligence.
  • Document Integrity and Security: Coupled with other data security measures, advanced barcode technology helps lock and track contract and document revisions to ensure document integrity and security, including proof of tampering, and intelligently automates document sorting, filing and workflows.

All that contract management capability and more is available on demand with seamless SSO integration -- all within your Salesforce application!

Never search for a contract in a filing cabinet again!

Reach into the cloud for on-demand access to your contract and proposal information whenever and wherever you can access your Salesforce account!

With close to 25 years in the business, you can trust ASC to deliver a trusted and proven Salesforce contract management solutions. Request your ASC Salesforce contract management solution demo today.

ASC Delivers Salesforce Contracts, Documents, Forms and Pricing & Quoting Solutions

Not only is ASC Contracts contract management software available in Salesforce, we can also deliver our document, form, pricing and quoting, and other tailored business process lifecycle management solutions in Salesforce. ASC Contracts can also integrate with your preferred SFA/CRM/ERP tool including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, etc., and with your eSignature vendor of choice. Request a demo today.

ASC's on-demand contract management solution delivers all the power of ASC Contracts right from your Salesforce account or other preferred SFA/CRM/ERP tool.

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