Traffic Imbalance Management

Improve Subscriber and LEC Traffic Imbalance Management with ASC Solutions

Automate and Streamline Subscriber and LEC Traffic Information Capture and Analysis

Subscriber and LEC Traffic Imbalance

The natural traffic imbalance (e.g., bandwidth and usage types) between different telecommunications (telecom) subscribers affects telecommunications' network traffic performance. Normally, service grade provisioning is based on a balanced subscriber traffic assumption. Traffic imbalance, however, can produce negative service grade effects (e.g., congestion, lost calls, etc.). To ensure quality subscriber service, effective traffic management of this negative imbalance and the consequent network optimization requirements are critical for telecom cost control and improved performance.

Traffic imbalance also occurs for traffic that is interchanged between Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) and between LECs and Sharees (those sharing infrastructure facilities of an existing LEC). In LECs' exchange-based interconnection agreements, the party which originates less traffic than it terminates may be entitled to compensation, this is called Local Reciprocal Compensation (LRC). Given the volume of transactions and the number of related information tracking systems, ensuring that the services listed on an invoice have actually been ordered and are currently in use is a significant challenge. For LECs, the key is effectively managing traffic routing over each other’s network trunks for LRC compensation and efficiency cost savings.

ASC Traffic Imbalance Management Solutions

ASC's telecommunications contract management and other business process solutions help LECs and service providers collect, capture, store and analyze traffic imbalance data; provide an automated methodology to produce accounts payable invoice validation reports, accounts receivable invoices and network optimization reports; and help capture lost revenue opportunities.  ASC ContractsTM, our contract lifecycle management (CLM) software, automates and streamlines traffic information capture and management, reduces paperwork and transactional costs, improves account management, optimizes network utilization and increases profits.  ASC Contracts' LRC application specifically focuses on traffic imbalance management relative to Local Reciprocal Compensation (LRC) between LECs.

Demo our flagship ASC Contracts solution and discover the advanced features and benefits of ASC solutions.

ASC solutions automate the collection, analysis and management of traffic imbalance data to help telecom service providers better manage accounts and capture lost revenue opportunities.

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