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Improve Wholesale Telecommunications Contract Management with ASC Solutions

Wholesale Telecommunications Contract Management and Account Management

Global competition, game-changing technologies, innovative new applications, commoditized products and services, as well as ever-increasing customer demands and high levels of customer churn have dramatically changed the market for telecommunication companies and other communication service providers (CSPs). In addition, managing the paperwork and accounts for -- the often hundreds of wholesalers and contracts -- is overwhelming.  ASC's wholesale telecommunications contract management solutions automate, simplify and streamline the full lifecycle of contract management processes, helping telecom service providers better monetize their networks and increase bottom-line profitability by enabling informed business decisions, reducing contract management costs and identifying opportunities to improve gross margin.

Over the course of our close to 25 years in the contract management business, ASC has worked with major telecommunication companies to automate, simplify and streamline their wholesale contract management process.

Wholesale Telecommunications Contract Management Challenges

ASC's wholesale telecommunications contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions enable our telecommunications customers to efficiently manage key wholesale account management challenges including:

  • Paper intensive contract management processes
  • Geographically diverse sales and sales assistance teams (in multiple national jurisdictions)
  • Contracts by the thousands
  • Customers and customer prospects in the thousands
  • Service activation requests not being met
  • Missing, misplaced or invalid orders
  • Major billing discrepancies

“Flexible and easy to customize, ASC Contracts automatically handles all the vital components of a contract that require attention, thereby giving [us] control of our Customer relationship.”

- Lesley Holmes, Product Manager, Bell

ASC Contract Management Solution Best Practice Framework

In solving any customer's contract management and business process management challenges, ASC's best practice framework includes:

  • Identifying key cross-organizational stakeholders (e.g., Product Manager, Sales, Provisioning, Billing, Customer Care, etc)
  • Gathering and documenting business processes and requirements
  • Prototype definition, field trial, refinement and buildout
  • Training the teams (train-the-trainer, one-to-one, one-to-two, team and online sessions)
  • Deploying hosted and managed solutions

ASC Wholesale Telecommunications Contract Management Solution Benefits

ASC's wholesale contract management solution for telecommunications drives significant benefits, including:

  • Reduced costs, maximized revenue and mitigated risk
  • Automated “Author”, “Approve” and “Amend/Renew” steps
  • Mechanized capture of signed contracts
  • Improved compliance
  • Enforced business rules
  • Advanced searching and reporting capabilities
  • Internet Dialed Service (IDM) -- implemented orders, captured usage, rated and feed billing
  • Reduced service activation times
  • Fast ROI

ASC wholesale telecommunications contract management solutions help telecoms better manage contracts, improve wholesale vendor relationships, increase margins and better manage overall communications operations.

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